lab 17 - samterm


lab 17 - fixup inferno samterm


There's an inferno version of samterm intended for connection to remote sam running on unix/nt/plan9. It looks like it hasn't been updated for the latest tkclient interface. Get it working.

Simple edits to add samtk.b:/^tkcmds/ and samtk.b:/^cmd/

One of the bigger changes I made is to spawn a new proc samtk.b:/^tkproc/ for each file to handle events from the toplevel chan. This was the quickest way I could think of doing it. It might be more correct to create arrays of channels like those already in samterm.m:/Context:/ but that seemed like a lot more work.

I use the idiom of returning the pid samtk.b:711 so I can kill the proc when the file is removed, otherwise the windows would be left hanging around. I added the pid to samterm.m:/pid/

Menus were placed wrongly when middle or right clicking in an edit window. Menu(9) uses post command and takes x y coords. Read bind(9) it should take %X %Y so placement is relative to system screen instead of edit window. samtk.b:51,50

Cut doesn't work. Or rather, paste doesn't work once I've done a cut.


Mostly works. I tried some simple edits, opening and closing files. Mount cmd(3) from different machines to get remote connections to sam. All files names are relative to the remote sam of course, not the inferno namespace.


mkfile sam.b samstub.b samstub.m samterm.m samtk.b samtk.m


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