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lab 94 - acme content assist

NAME lab 94 - acme content assist NOTES This lab explores a way of implementing content assist for acme. I've focused on the user interface and how that might work inside acme and not specific language support. The command is called Assist. Launch it within an editor window and it will provide assistance for that window only. A new window will open and while you type in the edit window Assist will attempt to match the currently typed word against the content of /lib/words using the command look(1). The results are displayed in the +Assist window. With results in the +Assist window and with focus still in the editor window type Ctrl-l to step down through the results. Each result will be selected in turn and the selection will wrap around to the top. To choose a selection and replace the currently edited word with the selected text type Ctrl-k. The Assist command also supports file completions. Start typing a path in the edit window and type Ctrl-y to show file completions i