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lab 90 - Multicast DNS and Zeroconf

NAME lab 90 - Multicast DNS and Zeroconf (client portion) NOTES While using synthetic file systems to publish services works great, you still need to know where your server is. This information can be provided from a shared ndb/local or even DHCP, but there are plenty of scenarios I have run into where I don't control the DHCP server and distributing ndb/local is tedious. In working with Blue Gene the problem becomes a bit worse in that we don't know apriori which portion of the machine (and therefore which IP address) we will get. Further complicating this is the fact that our front-end node (where we run Inferno) is established by a load balancer, and there are potentially 5 of us running our own file servers. So not only do we need to know how to get to the front end node, but how to get to the right front-end node. While some form of simple broadcast service discovery may have been sufficient, I decided to take the time to see what it would take to add multicast DNS an