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lab 91 - using freetype

NAME lab 91 - using freetype NOTES While fiddling with Charon's fonts and wondering what work would be involved to replace the whole set I decided to take a quick look at the freetype module. This lab documents some of my progress. A recent post to the acme-sac mail-list pointed me to the DejaVu fonts . They are derived from Bitstream Vera Fonts but with more characters. It includes various styles: Sans, Serif, Italic, Oblique, Bold, and Mono, making it a good choice for Charon. At first I considered converting the whole set over to Inferno format. There is a program to convert TrueType fonts to the inferno format. But the program is designed to run on Plan 9 and I don't have a ready Plan 9 environment anymore. So the effort of setting up an environment, compiling and fixing problems I know exist in the conversion tool, creating font files for all the styles, and in a variety of sizes, and I was ready to look for an easier solution. The Freetype library is compiled i

lab 89 - electroquongton

NAME lab 89 - electroquongton NOTES The code for this lab was something I was playing with to display on a Nintendo DS. It uses the mux window manager and the prefab module builtin. Because of the dependency on the builtin, which isn't usually part of the inferno-os standard emu build, I've included a muxemu.exe for Windows in this labs code. To launch the code run the following, % muxemu -r . -g256x384 /dis/mux/mux.dis and on the screen you should see this, Move up and down using keys 'i' and 'm'. Enter a selection using the 'Enter' key and return to the main menu by pressing the spacebar. I'm not experienced with the draw(2) API so I started with screens for board games. I was experimenting using transparency effects. The look I was going for was Electroplankton for Nintendo DS. I tried to get shapes with edges that blended out into a graded background and some simple animations of shapes pulsing. The one serious application I w