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lab 67 - Inferno emu on Palm Tungsten T3

NAME Inferno emu on Palm Tungsten T3 (and under similar palm handhelds, see notes). DESCRIPTION This lab collects some personal/informal notes that I took while setting up setup Inferno emu running hosted on a T3, the main reasons for doing this are: Wanted to experiment with Inferno Get tired of the 'traditional' way of using a computer and by extension a handheld (both POS and Linux), and wanting to employ my time in more useful things. after some time using Inferno i've noticed that it has all I need, and the pieces that Inferno doesn't have (ogg, mp3, etc.) can be borrowed from the host OS (Linux). The first section covers the hardware available on the T3, the second section talks about how to setup Linux on the T3, and finishes talking about the setup of Inferno itself to perform some typical tasks, which includes brief notes on how to compile and run emu on T3. Ha