been very busy of late (new baby!) and had no time for inferno programming after work. I hope to get back into some kind of routine within the next month.

TODO list

  • clean up dsp module and write more instruments
  • try out the alphabet typesets with dsp, tickfs, grids
  • write a general btree module for indexes
  • port plan9 sort to inferno
  • ...

Aside from inferno I've been playing with the squeak smalltalk environment. I've been very impressed with this. The morphic interface and etoys scripting is very cool. It got me thinking about how these and other ideas could be transferred to inferno, and then I got into a kind of thought paralysis--I got too confused.

another interesting paper I read yesterday was protium an infrastructure for partitioning applications. i wonder if some ideas for session persistence could be explored within inferno.

i downloaded panda3d a 3d game and simulation engine with python scripting. wouldn't it be cool to link this to inferno as a new interface? the squeak environment mentioned above has moved in a similar direction with croquet.


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