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lab 49 - wrappers

NAME lab 49 - wrappers NOTES Acme is the hub of my activity where all my tools are at hand. It is inconvenient to have to step outside it while working on a task. But it is impractical to port all the tools I need into Inferno. However, Inferno is an integrating environment. It is oftentimes easy to put a wrapper around an external tool so that it is usable within Acme. In this lab I show a few examples of putting wrappers around external tools so that they blend in to the Inferno environment and work together with Inferno's tools. The first, very simple example is awk . fn awk {os awk $*} With this definition it is only possible to use awk as a filter without naming files as command line arguments. But this is often good enough. Very often I work on my laptop which has NT as the host os. But I need to use dict and spell all the time, and my laptop doesn't have these installed. I integrate these tools into my environment by running emu on a Plan9 or Linux machine a