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General update

NAME general update NOTES I've been quiet for a while so I'll give a general update to things I've been working on. I've been doing little bits on lots of different things, but no substantial progress on any one thing. Basically nothing to merit a release of working code. I'll just itemize the stuff. The Slashdot of acme:sac made me want to improve a lot of things. Ems setup a project on sourceforge to host the distribution when I get it completed. There were several things I want to include in the next release, such as acme debug client, an acme web client, and an acme factotum client. I fixed the bug, at least running on my version of XP compile emu, that caused emu to crash. Basically XP didn't like the trap handling code that used inline asm. I removed the inline asm and registered a general trap handler, and that seemed to work fine. I did some more testing on the acme debugger client. In doing so, I think I found another way of crashing acme, so tha