lab 16 - canto


lab 16 - set up a styx service for active essays


I created a readonly unauthenticated styx service for readers of IPN, who have inferno installed, and want to read the lab notes in acme and execute the embedded scripts. From here on I'll use the term canto for active essays authored and "read" (rather to execute or chant) in the Inferno environment.

This entry in my notebook is my first attempt of the new style. It describes the files and formats of the service.

Mount the service and open acme on the file for this lab.

mkdir /n/canto
mount -A tcp!!6700 /n/canto
acme -c1 /n/canto/16/index.txt

Each canto is in a numbered directory containing the following files:

the raw contents of the notes in man(6) format
the text file converted to html using man2html for sending to the blog.
the file containing executable code within acme (see below)
the main contents, usually text formatted using man(1).

Instead of embedding possibly long scripts within the main text, they are in the guide file, and at the appropriate point in the text are referenced. Right click on the link and then middle click on the selected text.


While reading a canto at least three frames will be open; the index.txt, the guide file containing the executable expressions, and the Errors file containing the output from the scripts. I prefer to run acme with one column which fills half the screen and leave the other half of the screen for windows I open such as shell windows, debugger, task manager, etc.


The canto directory also contains limbo source code, possibly a mkfile and the executable dis files. The canto will contain links to the source instead of directly embedding samples in the text. E.g.


This will open other windows in acme and jump to the point in the code being discussed in the text.


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