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NAME biomimicry NOTES The acme-sac tarballs I've been working on producing are intended to be compact, contain all the source, and be runnable once it is unpacked at its destination. The complete copy of it's own source means it can grow and adapt to its own environment. It can also create and host the tarballs of itself, thereby replicating and dispersing itself. This structure makes me think of spores. The running acme-sac instance on my laptop is creating spores which I'm casting out from my laptop across the internet hoping that new copies will unpack in fertile soil and form new living cells that themselves can grow and reproduce. This analogy is not new. And there are books on biomimicry for subjects other than computing. The question I have is, if the analogy is followed further and more explicitly what will be the results? Or put another way, should large software systems intentionally use biomimicry as a architectural solution? Alan Kay has used t


NAME emulators NOTES It's an emulated world. Emulators I've used just within the last 12 months. QEMU: Plan9, Linux BeebEm: BBC Micro RedSquirrel: RiscOs 3.1 VisualBoyAdvance: GBA DeSMuMe: Nintendo DS Smalltalk VM: Squeak Lisp VM: Scheme Dis: Inferno JVM: Java Microsoft CLR: .NET