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lab 66 - useful tools

NAME lab 66 - useful tools NOTES This is a light lab about writting some useful day-to-day tools, mainly language and music playing tools. gask is a simple script for doing searches with google, which is nice when you want to consult something while writting a text, it returns the output in textual form so it can be used/plumbed etc. the next tools are for rapidly looking definitions in english/spanish/... on a dictionary, and they're handy when you aren't a native speaker. trgg (translate google) allows you to translate between any pair of languages that are supported by google, the usage of the command is trgg 'sl|dl' text, or |trgg 'sl|dl' where: sl: is the source language (by default english) dl: is the destination language (by default spanish) while dorg does a search on the dictionaries using the services of site, dra