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lab 64 - Chat

NAME lab 64 - Chat NOTES Chat is an acme client that connects to the chatsrv filesystem. This is a very basic text chat service. It is considerably simpler than the Irc client. Part of the reason I did this was to have a simpler client I could use to help debug some of the acme interaction, and help me improve Irc. Another reason was a recent urge I had to setup some private communication channels, merely for privacy's sake. Chatsrv is part of the demo code under /appl/demo . I borrowed code from /appl/demo/chat.b and the Irc client I ported from Russ. A chatsrv service is running on tcp!!6683. But I've only allowed rc4_256 encryption to use the service, and of course you need a certificate from the signer ( Getting Started ). To mount the service within acme and start Chat Local mount -C rc4_256 tcp!!6683 /n/chat Chat /n/chat Note that the simplest client can be run inside wm/sh, or win: % {cat & cat >[1=0]

lab 63 - Calendar

NAME lab 63 - Calendar NOTES I wrote a little calendar client for acme based on Inferno's wm/calendar(1). It uses rawdbfs(1) in the same way to store calendar entries. The calendar window displays a month much like cal(1), and has commands Next and Prev to move between months. Days that have calendar entries have a plus superscript symbol. Right click on the days of the month to open and edit a calendar entry. To use it make sure you have a directory /mnt/schedule, and a file in your home directory called, schedule. mkdir /mnt/schedule touch schedule Calendar schedule Or Local rawdbfs schedule /mnt/schedule Calendar FILES