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lab 105 - automount

NAME lab 105 - automount NOTES A small modification to mntgen yields an automounter which automatically mounts a server based on path name. This is a fairly crude proof of concept with hardwired port numbers and top-level mount path -- but it would be fairly easy to make it a bit more robust. Essentially, I just added a mount command to the code which dynamically adds the directory node to the mntgen tree on reference. Then I made the file system handling call its own thread so that the mount could reference the synthetic without locking up the original single threaded synthetic file server. One problem is that unknown servers take some time to respond with file note found, which is less than desirable. Fixing this and other annoyances is left as an exercise for the reader. EXAMPLE % ls /amnt % mount {automnt} /amnt % ls /amnt % ls /amnt/localhost/usr/inferno /amnt/localhost/usr/inferno/9cpu /amnt/localhost/usr/inferno/README /amnt/localhost/usr/inferno/charon /amnt/localhos