I took a break from this blog and inferno coding for March and April.

During that time I've been reading about web services, deconstructing Google's offerings and AJAX, and most importantly reading about the REST architectural style for the web.

I like the approach taken by the Plan9 wikifs to offer web pages by first writing a filesystem, then just mount that into the httpd namespace.

I'd like to experiment with that approach further to implement RESTful services like

I've been porting wikifs to Inferno to learn more how it's done. I'll post that soon.

I'd like to update the Inferno httpd to support HTTP 1.1 and basic authentication. That shouldn't be hard considering Plan9's supports this and the code is very similar.


Anonymous said…
Good to have you back!
Anonymous said…
I loathe AJAX and I haven't looked much into REST.

I would be _very_ interested in a port of wikifs to Inferno, I have been hacking wikifs a bit, and while I like some of the ideas, the implementation leaves much to be dessired, in particular how it messes togheter the various good ideas that IMHO should be much more independant.

How it contaminates the basic wikifs ideas with all the html/web-interface junk is anoying.

But layered file systems seem like a very good way to do "web applications", specially being able to do it in Limbo would be great.

I have heard brucee's ozInferno had a better httpd and other web goodies, but I don't know exactly what or when it will be released :(

caerwyn said…
Hi uriel.

Paul Prescod has a collection of resources describing REST.

Here's an interesting one comparing REST to the Plan9 philosophy.

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