lab 22 - news aggregator


lab 22 - news aggregator


Rssget downloads an RSS xml file indexes it into tickfs. Then using tickquery, which should be copied into /dis/svc/httpd you can query the RSS aggregator using address http://localhost/magic/tickquery.

% mkdir rss
% cd rss
% mount -c {tickfs} /n/rss
% touch /n/rss/index /n/rss/desc /n/rss/chan /n/rss/title
% svc/httpd/httpd&

use localcron to call rssget periodically on your favourite news feeds.

tickquery looks if the first keyword begins with 'date:' the rest of the word is treated as a rng(1) and restricts the results to within the date range.

For example, to search for RSS entries since 1st of the current month mentioning google,

date:1, google

or show me all entries collected on the 21st of the current month


Here is a demo of this service. more interesting examples I have yet to work out. it gets more interesting given temporal indexes of mail, mailing lists, rss feeds, stock ticker, visited web pages, images and annotations of local files and links. then a context around a particular event can be constructed...


The source for this lab is in the archive on my homepage.


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