lab 20 - libmux


lab 20 - libmux in limbo


To learn about mux in detail I tried to implement libmux in limbo. It actually resembles the mux from libventi more than libmux. They are pretty similar.

I was going to do a detailed description of the mux in devmnt but it turns out this has already been done here by nemo.

When I get this working it can be applied to the venti lib for session rpc, to build a libfs for direct client 9p interaction, bypassing devmnt, and for application protocol muxing, say for sam.

This is a partial implementation. I didn't complete send, recv, gettag and settag functions, so this has not been tested. I'm just posting it here now so I don't lose track of it. I'll come back to it later, maybe writing more for the Venti library or libfs. This is more an excercise to understand the workings of libmux and venti's session rpc.


mux.b mux.m


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