Sunday, May 17, 2009

lab 96 - acme color schemes


lab 96 - acme color schemes


The inferno version of acme always contained some code to configure the acme color scheme, but I'm not sure if it always, if ever worked.

I modified the code a little in acme-sac to make the color configuration work. And I came up with a few new schemes.

The schemes are checked into acme-sac under /acme/color. To use a different scheme add a line like this to your $home/lib/profile

run /acme/color/evening

Running the "evening" scheme will make acme look like this.


The configuration files sets a few environment variables of the following form:


This sets the foreground text color in the body text to black. It's possible to mix two colors, as for the standard acme background.


Another simple scheme is "bw" for black and white.


There is also a file /acme/color/standard for the default acme color scheme which can be copied tweaked.

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