lab 68 - stand alone charon


lab 68 - stand alone charon


I've definitely got behind in blogging my Inferno work. And it's not that I haven't been doing anything. I'm just not putting in the effort to write stuff up. Salva has been carrying the ball and thanks to him for the last few posts. I'm going to try posting more regularly but smaller things.

A lot of my recent work has been going into acme-sac. I've checked code into svn at If my posts describe work I've checked in there I won't include the files as part of the blog.

Today's post is a pretty picture.


The story is I removed Tk from acme-sac and then worked through the consequences. One of them was to get charon working without Tk, which turned out to be not that hard.

Whereas Acme is an interface for programmers, I think this is a great interface for end users.


Anonymous said…
Is there a specific script or command line you used?
caerwyn said…
Using the latest acme-sac from svn, I have a windows shortcut like this, D:\acme-sac\Acme.exe /dis/wm/wm.dis charon

Also, note that scroll-mouse works.

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