lab 64 - Chat


lab 64 - Chat


Chat is an acme client that connects to the chatsrv filesystem. This is a very basic text chat service. It is considerably simpler than the Irc client. Part of the reason I did this was to have a simpler client I could use to help debug some of the acme interaction, and help me improve Irc. Another reason was a recent urge I had to setup some private communication channels, merely for privacy's sake.

Chatsrv is part of the demo code under /appl/demo. I borrowed code from /appl/demo/chat.b and the Irc client I ported from Russ.

A chatsrv service is running on tcp!!6683. But I've only allowed rc4_256 encryption to use the service, and of course you need a certificate from the signer (Getting Started).

To mount the service within acme and start Chat

Local mount -C rc4_256 tcp!!6683 /n/chat
Chat /n/chat

Note that the simplest client can be run inside wm/sh, or win:

% {cat & cat  >[1=0] < /dev/cons} <> /n/chat/msgs 

Isn't that a beautiful one liner?



Anonymous said…

can you give an Inferno newbie some extra explanations regarding that wonderful one liner, please?

Thanks for you postings!


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