General update


general update


I've been quiet for a while so I'll give a general update to things I've been working on. I've been doing little bits on lots of different things, but no substantial progress on any one thing. Basically nothing to merit a release of working code. I'll just itemize the stuff.

The Slashdot of acme:sac made me want to improve a lot of things. Ems setup a project on sourceforge to host the distribution when I get it completed. There were several things I want to include in the next release, such as acme debug client, an acme web client, and an acme factotum client.

  • I fixed the bug, at least running on my version of XP compile emu, that caused emu to crash. Basically XP didn't like the trap handling code that used inline asm. I removed the inline asm and registered a general trap handler, and that seemed to work fine.
  • I did some more testing on the acme debugger client. In doing so, I think I found another way of crashing acme, so that stalled me. But I also discovered the nice stackv command that rog wrote. Its not got a man page but the code is /appl/cmd/stackv.b. This simplifies the acme/debug because I shouldn't need to write stack navigation code. It can just output the stackv commands which can then be button-2 selected.
  • I got further with the acme web client that is based on charon. I got it to run within acme:sac by disabling any write to the draw device, so charon is running windowless but only writing the text to an acme window. I also included some simple forms handling so its possible to use google.
  • Npe put his Inferno GBA port aside for a while, so I tried to take it up. I'd like to get a native Inferno on at least one architecture, and ARM is far more appealing to me than x86. So I've been writing ARM code and running it on the VisualBoyAdvance emulator, and learning about the GBA architecture and the Inferno native code. A lot of fun, but I've got nothing yet to show for it.
  • I started porting the Lucene search engine library. I've convinced myself that Inferno needs a good search engine builtin. Lucene is the best I've seen. I've got some of the low level code working. A small compactfs for the compact files lucene uses, and the routines for reading all the packed data structures in the lucene file formats. But there is much, much more to do.


Unknown said…

For my project I am trying to port Inferno on ARM9 board. However, I am not sure of the steps. Could you please share the steps to port inferno on ARM9 ?
Unknown said…
Cool, man, thanks for fixing that annoying bug. I don't know what I would do without your advice. In return I wanna suggest u to try this service where u can download visual boy advance and enjoy this thing every second!

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