lab 57 - createuser


lab 57 - createuser


I've tried setting up some services for the Inferno community. See Getting Started on the Inferno wiki for how to create a user id.

There is a public signer, registry, and kfs. If you mount the registry you might find a couple more.

Use the certificates for your services too. You can create an id, get a certificate and announce some of your own services using the registry then anyone else using the same signer should be able to mount your service.

Acme makes a remarkable collaborative environment. With wiki and irc clients and the shared kfs, a common naming convention for mounted services, it's a wonderful thing to type paths or commands using one or these channels and have others read and execute the commands. I hope these servcies and the Acme environment mean people interested in inferno and connect in new ways.

Most of the services are commands that come with the standard Inferno. What I had to create for this experiment is the createuser file system, which is a single file that accepts writes of username and password pairs. If the write is successful then the new id is created otherwise the write returns an error message.

The command is based on changelogin. I took that code and added a file2chan interface.


Local mount tcp!!6669 /n/canto


Anonymous said…
I found I had to include the port number in the name of the file when I stored the key I put it in /usr/abhey/keyring/tcp!!6681 I did this so it didn't affect the other certificates I had for my own machines.

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