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google hosting

NAME google hosting NOTES I've created a project on to host the code for acme-sac. This the first time I've used svn for a project. But I like it so far. It's nice of google to do this. I like not having to worry about maintaining the source repository. I've uploaded most of the acme-sac distribution. Probably too much; I might be deleting portions of it, such as /appl/wm/*. I'm kinda torn about what to include and what to remove. I'll lean to removing too much to start, and add back it only the things that I find using. I've moved the code for emu to /sys. The mkfiles now assume the build is within Inferno using wrappers 9l, 9c, 9ar to the host system. I've only tried this and got it working on Nt. When I eventually get a Linux machine to do builds on I'll get it working on that too. But if anyone wants to help...