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Google Summer of Code 2009

NAME Google Summer of Code 2009 NOTES Plan 9 has been accepted this year as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code . The Plan 9 group accepts projects to do with the operating system Plan 9 from Bell Labs and from related technologies such as Inferno, Plan 9 from User Space, v9fs, 9vx, and Glendix. If you're a student and you like any of these technologies you should apply immediately to the GSoC with your a project proposal. You can take any of the ideas you've seen explored in this blog and build on them, or develop your own ideas and take Plan 9/Inferno into new territory. I would love to see projects that extend Acme-SAC such as with content-assist or syntax highlighting. Or new Inferno applications in particular for the Nintendo DS. Inferno is an "integrating environment" so try integrating Inferno with Eclipse, Python, or Ruby. The deadline for student project proposals is April 3rd, so you need to be quick. There is so much cool stuff you cou