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lab 92 - vxinferno

NAME lab 92 - vxinferno NOTES In this lab I create a new Inferno builtin module that calls the vx32 library and get a minimal system working that runs native x86 code, with system calls redirected to inferno's system calls and therefore making the inferno namespace visible to the sandboxed code. Vx32 is a new user-level sandboxing library by Bryan Ford and Russ Cox. From the vx32 paper , "Vx32 is a multipurpose user-level sandbox that enables any application to load and safely execute one or more guest plug-ins, confining each guest to a system call API controlled by the host application and to a restricted memory region within the host’s address space." Inferno, being a virtual operating system, provides its own system call API to limbo applications. The same system calls are available as a C API for use by native libraries that appear as builtin modules or devices within the inferno environment. This C API is a natural fit for building a Vx32 sandbox allo