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lab 87 - mux for nintendo ds

NAME lab 87 - mux for nintendo ds NOTES In an earlier post I talked about updating mux to 4th edition Inferno in the hope of one day running it on a Nintendo DS. Well, Inferno is now booting on the DS so I got to try it for real. I started with getting the mux window manager working in standard inferno. Then I changed the resolution down to 256x192 and tried to get everything to fit. The files in this lab include the version of mux I ended up putting in the nds file running on the DS. Things to try if you download it. Rocker moves up and down selection. 'A' key enters, 'B' key backs out back up to the higher level. 'Start' key returns to the top level menu. Try Today's Newspaper, and The Thisburgh has the only working graphic. Under news, click through to actually read an article. Under games, try connect4. Audio control would look cool if any of the graphics actually came in. The Financial Reports gives a ticker. It scrolls slowly only becau

lab 86 - srv

NAME lab 86 - srv NOTES This from a post on 9fans , and also on Tip O' the Day % dc >[0=1] | echo 0 > /srv/desk Plan 9's srv(3) acts as a bulletin board for open file descriptors, other namespaces see all the files in srv, and so can read and write to /srv/desk. Inferno has srv(3) which is a file2chan registry, but is also visible to all namespaces on the host. (see also srv9(3) ) The current implementation of sh-file2chan(1) does not allow the above. The closest I got was, % load file2chan % calc >[0=1] | {file2chan /chan/desk {rblock; putrdata &} {fetchwdata > /fd/0}} & % stream -b 1 /chan/desk % echo 1+1 > /chan/desk I tried implementing a command equivalent to srv(4) on Plan 9. It takes a command block or network address and post it in the srv registry. % srv {calc >[1=0]} /chan/desk It using an existing '#s' instance if there is one, else binds a new one. Now we can open a console to /chan/desk from another window %