lab 46 - vac script


lab 46 - vac script


This lab is an answer to Jack's question in the comments of lab 41. The putclump/getclump scripts can be made to work with blocks of data. The shell script for this lab, vac, will write a kfs file system to a venti-lite archive in blocks, taking advantage of block level redundancy.

This is demonstration rather that something truly useful. It literally takes hours to store a 64MB kfs file system in venti-lite using this script.

Note also, that it is trivial to implement putclump/getclump using the venti(2) module in inferno and store the blocks in a real venti archive. And this script will work the same way.

I've also included a vcat script to readout the kfs filesystem in one go. I started writing a file2chan interface so I could run disk/kfs directly against the venti-lite archive, but didn't finish it. I've attached that too (clumpchan). Exercise for the reader is to finish it.



I updated vac and clumpchan fixing a couple small bugs in each. Clumpchan does work but only by reading one block at a time, which is not suitable for kfs. I think it would be well worth translating these scripts into limbo, but still keeping them non-server based, venti-lite, then a useful set of tools would come of it.


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