lab 45 - full screen


lab 45 - full screen


I've been wanting to use inferno as a full-screen application on Nt. I don't know too much about the windows API but I took a peek at how Squeak does it. And that was enough to get it to work. This is a first pass at doing it. It should probably be done with parameters to emu. Ideally the inferno host window would be resizable with some way of switching to full screen and window while emu is running.

Just copy the win.c file to your /emu/Nt directory and build. The -g option to emu needs to be the current settings for your monitor.

The other files in this lab are the wmclient, tkclien,t and titlebar to make wm windows look more rio-like. I had done this in an earlier lab, but the wmclient code didn't work properly. The wmclient works properly now. But there's no backdrop menu for window control, which makes it a little difficult to hide and exit the windows.



Tony said…
I also did something similar using Linux. Instead of running a window manager I just started an emu with wm/wm as the application. This allowed me to run "wm" fullscreen with only "wm" managing windows, etc.

Was just a matter of editing my .xinitrc file.

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