lab 80 - drawterm plugin


lab 80 - drawterm plugin


This post is to show it is possible to use the inferno IE plugin to drawterm to plan9. All the programs involved are part of standard Inferno.


These are the steps I did to get this running locally. It does need factotum etc, so you need to export a file system with all the pieces you need.

 % listen -vA 'tcp!*!7070' {export '#U/'}

For the net you'd probably do this using an unauth'd readonly kfs, for example. Then you need a drawterm script

  % cat /drawterm

bind -b /n/remote/dis /dis
bind -a /n/remote /
bind /n/remote/lib /lib
mkdir /n/remote/n/9win
bind -a /n/remote/n /n
load std
getlines < /n/remote/factotum  {echo $line} > /mnt/factotum/ctl
bind /n/remote/ndb.local /lib/ndb/local
9cpu -h tcp!fir -r -c 'bind -b /mnt/term/n/9win /dev; bind -a
/mnt/term/dev /dev; exec rio'

And then you need the HTML

width="800" height="600">
<PARAM name="init" value="/dis/sh.dis -c 'mount -A
tcp!!7070 /n/remote;  /n/remote/drawterm ' ">

The next steps would be to use secstore to load factotum instead of using he unencrypted file containing the keys. And you'd also need something to prompt for the name and password.

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