lab 21 - popi


lab 21 - popi


Ported popi from the book Beyond Photography - The Digital Darkroom which is online and many of the examples from the book should work.

I took the C code, translated it to limbo, then tried to add the trig functions and polar coordinates. I referenced Rich Burridge's version of popi to get ideas while adding the extra features.

See the guide file here for many of the examples from chapter 3

The combination of the program and the online text makes a good example of an active essay. While reading the text the user can type in the formulas and edit them to explore further into the tool and it's possibilites. It enhances reading of the text and understanding of the tool.


This took longer to debug than I expected and I still have doubts about parts of it. The polar coordinates when used as a target do not work, rounding errors leave gaps in the matrix.

I was going to implement conway's life as a special function and a method for repeating a transformation so life could be run on an imported graphic. There are endless possibilities here.

I would like to implement a similar tool for sound wave editing. I could then plug the resulting waves into signalfs for looping and components of instruments.


,p> popi.b


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