Inferno lab

this is my inferno lab notebook.

each entry, when it describes a programming session in inferno, should include at least the following.

  • purpose; what i hope to get done in the session
  • apparatus and settings; so someone else could reproduce what i've done
  • diary; record of actions and results
  • analysis and conclusions

i use inferno for fun. the sessions i describe take place at home, in the evenings, usually monday to friday, 9:00pm to 11:30pm. This isn't always enough time to get things done, so some of the tasks may seem quite trivial.

i want to move through a wide range of subjects in computer science and elsewhere, wherever my curiosity takes me. i don't want to limit myself by false subject boundaries. i hope to experiment a little, learn a lot, and, just maybe, discover something new. inferno presents a good environment to do this work, for a variety of reasons i'll explore while i'm using it.

welcome. and if you like the idea join the lab.


Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for your notes!

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